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The company, Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC is a workplace enrichment organization.  We serve Native American businesses and organizations who contend with workplace challenges by facilitating Mediations, providing Leadership Coaching, Conducting Assessments and Workplace Investigations.

We aim to strengthen Native workplaces by focusing on empowering our clients and their respective workforces to entrust us to assess and assist with employment challenges. Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC is unique because as Indigenous people ourselves, we are able to understand and relate to the various cultural dynamics of our fellow Indigenous Nations and recognize and work with any effects this has upon the work environment. Our goal is to provide clarity of the difficult workplace matters, therein allowing our clients to become more informed and to identify systematic and personal barriers which cause harm to the workforce. Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC  focuses on understanding our client’s goals, while embracing cultural differences and to establish trustworthy and fair connections with all those we interact with. It is our hope that finding resolution and obtaining clarity that our clients will attract, retain and mentor Indigenous employees for leadership positions.

What sets us apart?

As a Native operated company, Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC establishes a trustworthy, unbiased, and respectful environment that is culturally aware and designed to place honor unto one’s word; promote positivity & growth through coaching toward self-actualization. As Indigenous People ourselves, we understand the various dynamics of our fellow Indigenous Nations and its work environments. It is our belief that with collaborative efforts we can empower proactive changes and growth.

The Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC is a Native-owned business in the State of Arizona.  It was founded in December 2020 by its owners, Mary Descheeny-Reyna, MSW (Navajo-Dine) and Steve Reyna, MPA (Fort Mojave/ Navajo). Together they have a combined experience in both Human Resources-Employee Relations and Counseling. It is with this combination of knowledge and skillset that enables this team to have an in-depth awareness and understanding of workplace challenges and those it affects. With all the work they do, they will take every opportunity to listen and coach those they work with because they feel their paths have crossed for a reason. Above all Mary and Steve contribute their drive, dedication, meticulous nature of their work products and their work ethics to their reservation upbringing. Both are inspired by positive, fair work environments which they truly desire for all Indigenous Workplaces. The efforts Mary and Steve put forth at every stage of all I.W.S. service is high quality, is timely and is thorough. Every step is taken to coach up those they work with.  



Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC stands apart of from the mainstream Human Resources support services because as Indigenous People ourselves, we understand the various cultural dynamics of our fellow Native Nations; (i.e., to include the interconnectedness of its communities, being raised on the reservation, being an Urban Native American) and its effects within the work environment. It is our belief that with genuine respect and collaborative efforts that together proactive changes and growth can be empowered for everyone involved. Our services are aimed to re-create a trustworthy, respectful work environment.


Mary Descheeny-Reyna, MSW, THRP

Human Resources Professional

IWS Founder and CEO

Toll free: (844) IWS-1200 / (844) 497-1200


Steven L. Reyna, MPA

IWS Chief Compliance Officer

Toll free: (844) IWS-1200 / (844) 497-1200

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