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The company, Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC is a workplace enrichment organization.  We serve Native American businesses and organizations who contend with workplace challenges by facilitating Mediations, providing Leadership Coaching, Conducting Assessments and Workplace Investigations.

We aim to strengthen Native workplaces by focusing on empowering our clients and their respective workforces to entrust us to assess and assist with employment challenges. Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC is unique because as Indigenous people ourselves, we are able to understand and relate to the various cultural dynamics of our fellow Indigenous Nations and recognize and work with any effects this has upon the work environment. Our goal is to provide clarity of the difficult workplace matters, therein allowing our clients to become more informed and to identify systematic and personal barriers which cause harm to the workforce. Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC  focuses on understanding our client’s goals, while embracing cultural differences and to establish trustworthy and fair connections with all those we interact with. It is our hope that finding resolution and obtaining clarity that our clients will attract, retain and mentor Indigenous employees for leadership positions.

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