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Empowering Native Organizations through the Power and Trust of One's Word

Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC


Our Mission

Our commitment is to enrich the work environments of Indigenous organizations through our conscientious, confidential, and culturally sensitive methods of service:


  • Mediation Program is designed to be solution-focused while promoting personal accountability.  

  • Leadership Coaching is supportive, empowering and encourages           self-actualization.

  • Workplace Assessments are comprehensive, designed to find solutions, and empower the workforce.

  • Workplace Investigations are unbiased, systematic, and completed with integrity.

  • Disciplinary Hearing Officer Services are unbiased, thorough and in accordance with the tribe's policies and procedures.

  • Management Trainings

  • Review and Assessment of Policy and Procedures


Ultimately, we commit to offering service deliverables that will enhance the work environment by providing clarification of workplace challenges and issues. We commit to achieving established unified goals with respect and dignity while empowering a self-actualization approach.


Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC stands apart of from the mainstream Human Resources support services because as Indigenous People ourselves, we truly understand the various cultural dynamics of our fellow Native Nations; (i.e. to include the interconnectedness of its communities, being raised on the reservation, being an Urban Native American) and its effects on within the work environment. It is our belief that with genuine respect and collaborative efforts that together proactive changes and growth can be empowered for everyone involved. Our services are aimed to re-create trustworthy, respectful working environments through placing honor unto one’s word.​


Our I.W.S. Logo

The Indigenous Workplace Solutions, LLC logo was designed with the collaborative family efforts of Katie, Kyle and Steve Reyna (proud members of Navajo/Dine Nation and the Fort Mohave Indian Tribe). It was designed to highlight the beauty of our Indigenous ways by demonstrating respect, honor, unity, and community.

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